I'm Nenad and here are a few words

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I'm an architecture student with a passion aimed towards creating modern, sleek and clean web designs, while also wraping my head around their back end functionality. I've gotten myself into web design 7 years ago when i first started wondering about web design, how do they do it? I found out about the miracles of creating web layouts and adding functionality to them using javascript. I started off learning the basics, logically, but the jumped forward with the help of my previous programming experience. I realized that the future is going to be in web applications, PHP became my tool, the rest is history.

I want to make this as pleasant as it can be to all my clients so that you can be hassle free while your little piece of the internet is being developed. You will always have direct contact to me and you will get my project schedule, in which I will specify exactly the timetable of the development of your site. It can be fun watching it grow.

I'm opet to new projects so for contact information look below.
If you wish to contact me you can do so using my email: nenadspp[at] googlemail

I also use twitter, but have in mind, i don't tweet a lot :): http://www.twitter.com/nenadajse

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