A small GPL (General public licence) project of mine to create a simple to setup drag and drop captcha, which was developed using jQuery. My idea was to make an easy to use and install captcha which was going to make jobs difficult for spambots.

While trying to gather my concept into a real idea i stumbled upon elated.com on how to accomplish drag and drop using jQuery UI. I was(am) too lazy to begin from scratch so i did a heavy modification on their script to fullfil my needs. The result was NPPCaptcha. Download now!

NPPCaptcha features

1. Different types

There are two types of NPPCaptcha, you choose which one you'd like.

2. Difficulty levels

You can choose how many numbers the user must arrange before the form is submitted.

3. Flexibility

Invoke the display function just the way you like it. Call on it from another js function, like the one that might check the form inputs; Call on it after the user clicks an image - it's your choice.

Quick instructions

1. Include these files in the header

2. Place this html code anywhere in the page

3. Call the function when the user does something (clicks a button for example)

Button example.