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Setting up is pretty easy.

The script itself is a javascript function, you can invoke it how ever you like because you link it to a specific form you want to submit by putting the form id as the first parameter. The second parameter is the captcha type, which is a number. Now, there are two types of NPPCaptcha.
The first type, 1, is a harder to beat type where the user must drag all of the numbers to their specific containers, while the second type, 2, is an easier one where the user must drag a randomly generated number to it's specific container.

How do i implement it ?

Really simple, follow these steps:
1. Link these files to your page:

2. Add the following html code anywhere in your page:
From left to right
3. Call the script by invoking javascript function
example of a button invoking the function mimiking the usual submit button:

Editing the script

There are several paramteres you can change in your script:
1. Change the amount of numbers that the user must drag ln. 18:
var n = 5;
2. If you change that number to a number larger than 15, you need to add those numbers to the following arrays ln. 26:
var words = [ 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five' , 'six', 'seven', 'eight', 'nine', 'ten', 'eleven', 'twelve', 'thirteen', 'fourteen', 'fifteen'];
3. Change the messages ln. 21:
// Success message
var gsmessage = 'You`ve succesfully completed the captcha, you will be redirected';
and ln. 36:
var gdmessage = 'Place number '+window.rn+' into it`s container';
} else { var gdmessage = 'Place all the numbers into their containers';}

Those are some basic parameters, you can change anything if you like as this is a script which uses the GPL licence, but those are some that i thought were neccessary to be as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy using this script, for any additional info feel free to contact me.