Launching Mockadillo

Reasons for doing it

Mockadillo is the culmination of 15 years of web development experience. After facing issues that API mocking easily solves I’ve decided to launch Mockadillo. It solved issues in the company I am currently working on and several beta clients.


In my career I’ve been faced with the following far too many times to count; my team was tasked to develop a feature for the frontend, while resting on something being developed by a different team creating the backend functionality. The issue always culminates with tension between the teams as requirements change, API contracts change, errors with the backend etc… So you usually build a local server and make modifications there, while the backend does there thing (I was also on the other side, being harassed by the frontend/app teams). This is a big nuisance and a blocker so it was natural to develop something that solves this. Existing solutions were either too complex/too simple or too expensive.

Tech stack

It uses vanilla golang, JS, redis, postgres and elasticsearch for different mechanisms inside the service.


I am constantly improving the service and the roadmap includes OpenAPI exports, code generators for different languages, advanced scripting language etc…

There is a free trial available, so if you are intrigued register here and let me know so I can give you some bonus credits.

Thanks for reading, Nenad

Nenad Lukic
Problem solver.